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We want to leave our mark not only on your life as a lover of travel and new experiences, but also leave our mark on the communities that have opened their doors so that you can learn first-hand about their ancestral ways of life. When you purchase a tour package with Vive Huellas, you will not only be acquiring a unique experience, but at the same time you are contributing to the local development of the linked communities.



This is one of the main attractions that Vive Huellas has designed to offer its clients unique experiences with indigenous communities in Colombia. Based on the respect, discovery and knowledge of our ancestors, we invite you to discover and live directly what it is to have contact with cultural values, ways of life, the relationship with nature, the richness of its history. and the customs of the communities. At all times, ethno-tourism allows us to discover unforgettable places and have experiences that will last forever in our tourists.


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